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7-12-2020, 06:14

Koga Tale of Yin & Yang - The Murderous Mother - / 甲賀異聞陰陽帖-ママは殺しがお好き-

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Koga Tale of Yin & Yang - The Murderous Mother - / 甲賀異聞陰陽帖-ママは殺しがお好き-



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The year 23XX.
A world where civilization collapsed, and everything reset.
As humans return to prominence, so do the ninjas working behind the scenes.
Among them, the Koga ninja Ayaha and her son Aime spend their days taking on jobs from the village.
With Ayaha skilled in assassination, and Aime skilled in intelligence and espionage,
does a bright future await them?


13 November 2023 16:32
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