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29-12-2020, 09:53

GEKIDEN YOUITAN: AE1 v.1.9b / 撃電妖異譚-AE1-

Japanese Games
GEKIDEN YOUITAN: AE1 v.1.9b /  撃電妖異譚-AE1-
Original title:撃電妖異譚-AE1-
Release date:2020/01/11
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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From this work onward, we are switching to RPG TKool MV.
As of right now, the data combat elements we used in RPG Maker VX Ace are not implemented.

* This is one of episodes in a series consists of short works, of which
protagonist is each different. To sum up, it's D*IV.

* Compared to our previous works, there are fewer RPG elements.

* As this work is an AE (another episode), it is focused on a specific genre, and has no relation to the main scenario.

AE1 focuses on NTR situations.

* Recommended for those who:
- love to see pure moe beauties
- love NTR
- are disgusted by happy ends.
- feel moe toward topless / bottomless
- love clothed ecchi
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