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31-12-2020, 12:48

ASCOT: Demon's Waltz v.0.15

Japanese Games
ASCOT: Demon's Waltz v.0.15
Release date:2020/01/16
Type of publication:In development
Platform:PC / Windows

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Ascot gained power on the dark side after she witnessed the murder of her sister by a soldier named Wiesder. Then the soldier cut off Ascot's hand and tortured her for information about the magic of her family, when Ascot refused, Wizard burned her alive at the stake. The demon, however, stood up and completely restored Ascot's body, and also provided her with the power of the dark side. This opened up the opportunity to quench her hatred and satisfy her thirst for revenge. So now she goes in search of the Wizard, interacting with others, entering the fight with her lovers and creating alliances and enemies with various factions.
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