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Rinaria's Adventure ~Girls Redemption~ / リナリアの冒険 ~Girls Redemption~

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Rinaria's Adventure ~Girls Redemption~ / リナリアの冒険 ~Girls Redemption~
Original title:リナリアの冒険 ~Girls Redemption~
Release date:2020/09/08
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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The plot is standard: Rina and her boyfriend Dennis help out a blonde swordswoman named Runa in the forest.
Soon after that, the boy is rather ridiculously backstabbed and the further plot is already unfolding around the need to pay for treatment.
Well, for those who are not particularly interested in the formed NTR branch, you can play as Rune.
A blonde swordwoman with a proud disposition and a cold look is not as simple as it seems, but she also wants to pay the debt for saving.

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