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Flavor of Slight Fever / 微熱の味

Japanese Games
Flavor of Slight Fever / 微熱の味
Original title:微熱の味
Release date:2020/12/10
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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This is a certain couple's story that moved to the countryside.
In the happiness life, the days will be quietly distorted.
Small mistakes brought about indelible scars on her mind.

"Miyuki" has moved to a country town for her husband's convenience.
She is secretly expecting about their new life in a peaceful environment surrounded by nature, be with her husband.
After organizing her belongings, she saw her husband off as usual and she decides to go shopping in the neighborhood.
Then she meets her neighbor, "Kiba".
「Oh..., nice to meet you.」
Miyuki speaks to him as part of moving greetings, but she flinched by him doesn't talk much.
Without thinking, she run away from him.
「Phew... can I get along with him...?」
A mixed sigh of anticipation and anxiety began to spill out of the little mouth.

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