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Heaven & Hell ~Nagutte Okasu! Sai Kyou Ryona Battle!~ / ヘブンズ&ヘル~殴って犯す!最凶リョナバトル!~

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Heaven & Hell ~Nagutte Okasu! Sai Kyou Ryona Battle!~ / ヘブンズ&ヘル~殴って犯す!最凶リョナバトル!~
Type:Visual Novel
Original title:ヘブンズ&ヘル~殴って犯す!最凶リョナバトル!~
Release date:2016/03/19
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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In this life, there is one simple truth... Strength, skill, no matter how extraordinary is worthless if it's not applied. And no amount of talent or strength will outmatch a gun. That reality was drilled into my brain like a trauma when the woman I loved was attacked. That day forward, I lost my reason to live, burdened by a cloak of desire and frustration, rolling with and fighting street thugs.
That's how I came to know a particular strange bastard.
"If there were a place that let you do anything you wanted......" he said, "if you could HAVE anything you wanted, would you go?"

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