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Let's Ra Go! ~ Bokura no Jiyuu Kenkyuu / Let’s裸GO! ぼくラの自由研究

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Let's Ra Go! ~ Bokura no Jiyuu Kenkyuu / Let’s裸GO! ぼくラの自由研究
Original title:Let’s裸GO! ぼくラの自由研究
Release date:2013/02/28
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Summer holidays. For schoolchildren, this is the time not only to relax and have fun, but also to do their homework for the summer. For example, collectively prepare a study report on a free topic. Our hero, Yamakawa Kodai, fell into a group with three girls, Jasmine, Akari and Kazumi, and on the first day of vacation they gather in the schoolyard to choose a topic for study. Kodai has an idea in this regard, but the girls are interested in his opinion a little less than nothing. Lively Jasmine suggests studying ... SEX! They, schoolchildren, are not told, but sex is not only to make children, it is also very nice! Other girls are also interested, but also scared. Is sex not only for adults?
Finally, Koday receives the word. Among the things of his late grandfather, he found an old map on which are marked the shrines of the Dumb God scattered throughout the city. If you put together the parts of the treasure hidden in these shrines, then the Dumb God will fulfill your every desire. It sounds tempting, but there is a catch. Since this is the Stupid God, it is necessary to search for his treasures with a bare navel. That is completely naked. It's kind of dumb, but Jasmine unexpectedly agrees, and persuades the other two girls to accept Kodai's offer. Later, another classmate, Shizuka, and even their teacher, Yuko-sensei, and Kodaya's older sister, Kumi, will also show interest in joining the treasure hunt. Does the treasure of the Dumb God really exist? Does it really fulfill wishes? An exciting and erotic naked adventure in the summer city begins! Check out a game with a similar genre kenzen! hentai seikatsu no susume.

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