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17-02-2021, 13:23

Welcome to Barayuri Academy's Prostitution Department / 薔薇百合学園風俗科へようこそ!

Japanese Games
Welcome to Barayuri Academy's Prostitution Department / 薔薇百合学園風俗科へようこそ!
Original title:薔薇百合学園風俗科へようこそ!
Release date:2021/02/13
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Amane is spending her school life studying diligently, all so she can get into the prestigious
Barayuri Academy's Prostitution program... Only those with the lewdest bodies can enter,
as the interviews are done in the nude! What do you learn? Sex techniques!
Who are your teachers and classmates? Genuine sluts!
Can the virgin Amane get into her top choice of schools?

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