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Cuckold New Wife Monica ~ Tsundere Wife's H Work ~ / 寝取られ新妻モニカ~ツンデレな奥さんのHなお仕事~

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Cuckold New Wife Monica ~ Tsundere Wife's H Work ~ / 寝取られ新妻モニカ~ツンデレな奥さんのHなお仕事~
Original title:寝取られ新妻モニカ~ツンデレな奥さんのHなお仕事~
Release date:2021/02/23
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Kyle and his party were on a journey to exterminate the Demon King at a party of four.
・ Kyle is a little scared and indecisive, but he is the only man at a reliable party in case of emergency.
・ Monica * The main character of this work is Kyle's childhood friend who is a very kind girl who has a strong feeling of compassion for people .
・ Sophia
Kyle is insanely spoiled Gentle and gentle older sister
・ Miri
Kyle likes but is treated as a younger sister Always sleepy Jito eyes Lori Big tits
4 people were traveling for the purpose of subduing the
Demon King There was a report that he had defeated him, and while he was indignant at what our journey was , he abandoned the journey , saying that it was good to be peaceful . Kyle confessed to Monica that it was peaceful, although it is still unbelievable that the Demon King was defeated on the night when he was wandering about what to do because his hometown was burned by the
Demon King.
Give the ring.
Monica is happy to cry.
Of course the reply is OK, the wedding seems to be ahead, This made each other a couple.
Receive a blessing while being bitten by other friends.
I got information that there is a relatively large city nearby. Five people decide to settle here
because they are lively and there are guilds that hire adventurers

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