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29-03-2021, 11:40

Second Realm Harem Fantasia v.1.01 / 異世界ハーレム☆ファンタジア

Japanese Games
Second Realm Harem Fantasia v.1.01 / 異世界ハーレム☆ファンタジア
Original title:異世界ハーレム☆ファンタジア
Release date:2021/03/28
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Shuko (the main character) and three classmate girls who have moved to another world for some reason.
Having lived a dull school life in the original world, Shuko makes her
debut in another world and plans to make a harem with her classmates and girls in another world.
who visited the guild to make a name for himself in a different world to be popular , thought that he would get along with his classmates and hopefully get horny.
Can the protagonist roll up the heroine and create his own harem !?

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