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Sailor suit and house of the mystics / セーラー服と妖魔の館

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Sailor suit and house of the mystics / セーラー服と妖魔の館
Original title:セーラー服と妖魔の館
Release date:2016/02/16
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Was born to a wealthy family of the human world half Mystic (mystics and human mixed race) girl, Madoka is
One day, the assault on the man of mystery, is confined to the frontier of the mansion.

There was a hideout of rape group that recently repeating the crime.
"I do not want to be fucked ...", Madoka think "virgin want to dedicate to loved ones."
Shivering in fear also decided to escape.

In addition, in response to the semi-Mystic Madoka magic energy, everywhere in the mansion
Specter who had been sleeping, begin to wake up all at once ...
Almost to the virgin of Madoka captivated ...

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