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9-05-2021, 08:37

ShotaOne Vacation! ~Summer in Fuck Village~ / ショタ×おねバケーション -種付け村の夏休み-

Japanese Games
ShotaOne Vacation! ~Summer in Fuck Village~ / ショタ×おねバケーション -種付け村の夏休み-
Original title:ショタ×おねバケーション -種付け村の夏休み-
Release date:2021/05/02
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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A pervy summer vacation in the countryside!
It's time for summer vacation! And you know what that means... a trip to a country village full of women...!?

Take control of a sneaky little pervert and have some naughty fun with all the sexy, shapely ladies around town! Use your small size to cop a feel, hide in the grass, and just plain create horny havoc!

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