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Lolihoi 2 ~maō no chikara wa Pa nai no~ v.1.02 / ロリホイ2★マオウの力はパないの★

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Lolihoi 2 ~maō no chikara wa Pa nai no~ v.1.02 / ロリホイ2★マオウの力はパないの★
Original title:ロリホイ2★マオウの力はパないの★
Release date:2015/05/06
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Time is modern. Your story is a little nerdy, spending the days of working part-time.
But you had the habit of being an extreme love tiny tits.
The power of the "Demon King" that you suddenly got.
With that power, we will break through the shackles of modern times and push forward to the other side of reason!
The Lori girl in the neighborhood is mine ...! Kill all the ones that get in the way!
Is it happiness waiting for you or ...?

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