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17-05-2021, 10:01

Undercover Investigator Erica / 企業潜入捜査官エリカ

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Undercover Investigator Erica / 企業潜入捜査官エリカ



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Corporate Security Committee (commonly known as CSC).
A public institution that judges the evil of a company so that employees of the company can work with peace of mind.
It is an organization that aims to improve the country by sometimes removing the evil of the company and sometimes exposing the evil of the company itself.
This time, CSC undercover investigator "Erica" is unjustified against the employees who are prevalent in the large company "Kamui".
In order to uncover the illegal act, he teams up with his boss "Sasaki" and heads for an undercover investigation.

"Erica", who works for a company, made a presentation at the presentation.
All the officers nodded at the plan that I thought about all night, and Erica and her boss felt a certain response.
And when the presentation was over and I was cleaning up with my boss in the conference room, my boss praised me very much.
Erica takes the word and gently strokes her chest.
However, the boss's gaze was a nasty gaze that was completely different from the warm words toward Erica's ass and chest.



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