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30-05-2021, 11:30

Barbarian Legend v.1.04 / 蛮族レジェンド

Japanese Games
Barbarian Legend v.1.04 / 蛮族レジェンド
Original title:蛮族レジェンド
Release date:2021/05/20
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Barbarian Legend is a simulation game about war. You can create a powerful army in your castle and lead the army to defeat the armies of other countries, or capture and humiliate the valkyrie of other countries.

Develop your territory and raise your soldiers and military commanders. Otherwise, the ambitions of conquering the continent will not be fulfilled.
Think like a military commander in the RTS fighting style, and send troops and use tricks at the right time.
You also need to capture the enemy Valkyrie during battle, but don't worry, you have only one chance to capture it.
You can trap the valkyrie captured as a prisoner in the castle and train her insult, or if you leave it alone, the general soldiers in the castle may attack her.

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