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11-06-2021, 11:15

Cuckold Chain / ネトラレの鎖

Japanese Games
Cuckold Chain / ネトラレの鎖
Original title:ネトラレの鎖
Release date:2021/06/05
Censorship:Missing / There is a patch for removal
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Shota decided to go out with her childhood friend Yuna when summer vacation was just around the corner.
However, Yuna's mother, Mafuyu, is Shota's longing woman, and Shota often shakes her heart between the two.
One day, her husband's boss, Masuda, who died in midwinter, approaches midwinter and Yuna.
Gradually, Midwinter and Yuna's mother and daughter begin to behave suspiciously ...

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