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Geko Yuusha ~Sake wa Nomanedo Shuchinikurin!~ / 下戸勇者 ~酒は飲まねど酒池肉林!~

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Geko Yuusha ~Sake wa Nomanedo Shuchinikurin!~ / 下戸勇者 ~酒は飲まねど酒池肉林!~
Type:Visual Novel
Original title:下戸勇者 ~酒は飲まねど酒池肉林!~
Release date:2021/06/25
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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There was a brave man who continued his journey alone.
He couldn't drink alcohol, so-called Shimodo, so he couldn't recruit friends in the right place.
Only with the belief that he would defeat the Demon King, he continued his long and rugged journey alone.
A brave man who overcame many hardships by himself and finally arrived at the Demon King's castle.
But what he saw there was an already desolate and abandoned castle.
He had to do everything by himself, and he had to make a detour to everything.
The Demon King had been subdued by another hero party.
The belief of the brave, who devoted all of his life to subduing the Demon King, collapsed without a trace.
He's gradual, but he can't even drown in alcohol.
One day he came up with the idea of looking back on his own journey.
"Let's do what we couldn't do before--"
With that in mind, he opened the door to a tavern, a place he hated.
In fact, he had another purpose. that is--
"Anyway, let's have a party with only women. Let's play around the world! 』\
Move as you desire.
Determined to make a big difference in his life so far, he is the first "made" travel companion in a bar.
He took the "female warrior" and took a step toward the pink adventure that was about to begin.

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