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25-11-2022, 11:59

Itazura Kyouaku v.1.06a / いたずら狂悪

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Itazura Kyouaku v.1.06a / いたずら狂悪



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Itazura Kyouaku v.1.06a / いたずら狂悪

Every day you feel the stress in commuter train to congestion.
While it is tossed in such a crowded train, suddenly lovely voice of a girl enters the ear.
You look around and, school girls is you have blushed a face down cheek. Unfortunately it seems my bag is caught in Matagura of hight school girls.
Even tries to pull out the bag in a hurry, there is also a situation that was around the congestion, it becomes the form to stimulate the secret part to reverse.
Further blushed cheeks, girl ...... you panting for your own movement.
I felt begin to awaken something in yourself -
Train stops, it would have been pushed out as avalanche when the door is opened.
His hands were returned to me was not damp To sweat blurred.
"Do the first time you ...... molester is? A little more Chikaranuke"
As I stood in the home, was multiplied by the voice in dubious middle-aged.
And also about to leave the place of the and in a hurry is notified, passed a something memo written the URL.


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