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Knights of Pride / 聖騎士フィーネよ、オークに攫われたエレシア姫を奪還せよ!

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Knights of Pride / 聖騎士フィーネよ、オークに攫われたエレシア姫を奪還せよ!
Original title:聖騎士フィーネよ、オークに攫われたエレシア姫を奪還せよ!
Release date:2016/03/05
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10

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Knights of Pride / 聖騎士フィーネよ、オークに攫われたエレシア姫を奪還せよ!

Monsters were causing harm in the outskirts of Kulandam.
The woman who stopped them was
a holy knight, a member of the order of Kulandam's knights.
Fer name was Fiine
One day Fiine received word of urgent business from Dodriguez.
"You are the elected convoy for Princess Elesia
as she will travel to Midland to marry Prince Kyle."
Fiine accepted the noble quest, but even her experience
did not prepare her for the unexpected troll army...

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