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12-03-2020, 16:28

Artificial Girl 2

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Artificial Girl 2



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The game process starts a bit unusual. Instead of the usual choice for such games, the choice of a lady, we are invited to ... create it yourself! No pre-created girls, we do everything by our own hands. At your disposal are several bookmarks, each of which contains the corresponding "body parts" of our future beauty. Of course, it's still a game and complete freedom of action we do not give, but what is, looks very, very good. "Face", "Hair", "Body" and "Blood Type" - in each of them you can change the corresponding parameters to your own taste. Change the shape and color of the eyes, play with her hair, change the size of the breasts and the color of the body ... There are really many options, so you do not have to be bored.



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