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24-11-2021, 11:40

Hypnosis erotic RPG ~ Hypnosis life of a brave man ~ / 催眠エロRPG~よわよわ勇者の催眠生活~

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Hypnosis erotic RPG ~ Hypnosis life of a brave man ~ / 催眠エロRPG~よわよわ勇者の催眠生活~
Original title:催眠エロRPG~よわよわ勇者の催眠生活~
Release date:2021/11/23
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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One day, Takashi, the hero, suddenly reincarnated in the world of his favorite fantasy Harem Muranobe as [the evil personality of the hero].
Repel the personality of the good in the quick wit of instant also, the original Takashi is [holy sword] ownership, such as the power of the majority to have become insanely weak due had! Of the ... devil minions approaching 10 days after the raid ..
The only hope is the power of newly sprouted [hypnosis].
In order to avoid the death flag impending, begins the struggle of Takashi ...!
... incidentally favorite heroines to etch things also would like crazy to do ...!

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