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Revived Demon Priestess v.1.211212 / 蘇る退魔巫女(仮)

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Revived Demon Priestess v.1.211212 / 蘇る退魔巫女(仮)



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It is an
"Open Island Erotic RPG" with a high degree of freedom , currently set in a small island in Japan .
(It is an open island because it is set on a small island, not an open world.)
After capturing the trial version range, you can go anywhere on the island.
Manipulate the legendary shrine maiden "Miko" that has revived to the present,
exterminate the monsters that appeared on the island, and restore the peace of the island!
However, the legendary shrine maiden has lost her old memories.
It is completely intolerant to the monster's H attack!
Enjoy the legendary shrine maiden who is ignorant of H to your heart's content.


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