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25-12-2021, 15:38

Yae-chan's shrine maiden struggle v.2.3 / 八重ちゃんの巫女さん奮闘記

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Yae-chan's shrine maiden struggle v.2.3 / 八重ちゃんの巫女さん奮闘記



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Yae Misaki, an innocent shrine maiden girl who devotes everything to her brother, not God.
Fight for his brother every day, get rid of youkai, and accept his brother's things.
A Japanese-style RPG spun by a shrine maiden girl who dedicated her body and soul.
First, capture the youkai. Experiment H to create a new youkai with the main heroine as the mother using the captured youkai.
In the battle of the main heroine and the H scene, you can change clothes with three types of combinations: head, clothes, and underwear.
There are more than 30 types of dress-ups for each heroine.


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