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Best Hentai Games » Japanese Games » Little daughter of Mae cow - H Adventure writing such / 牛娘メイのちょっとHな冒険記
25-12-2021, 15:46

Little daughter of Mae cow - H Adventure writing such / 牛娘メイのちょっとHな冒険記

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Little daughter of Mae cow - H Adventure writing such / 牛娘メイのちょっとHな冒険記



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Daughter Mei cattle ranch in the country, had sent a carefree life and daily kun Oh brother.
Patronne financial "Cattleya" was not lending, cattleya collection suddenly comes to money there.
Ranchers who can not be provided in cash would be taken and ranch-kun Oh bull
Taken to the rewriting of the certificate of title for himself.

From that turmoil, Mei-Su ... hero I was the only one to escape.
Now, I am a lonely journey begins.

Is ... because, make money at any destination, in order to get the items, in order to save a fellow
Be involved in a variety of events etch.
Moreover, even things not because all you can do is cross the human pregnant cow due to daughter.
Opponent diverse tentacle, monkey, oak and other than human.

To appear in the contents of the event and extensive etch Thief woman to join the middle, to the villain cattleya.
In some cases forbidden to play with his brother and incest, the number of people at once?

In the trial version you can play a whole chapter first.
However, this is about 15% of the total. Playing time is about 30 minutes trial version.
The person who said that it takes some time game play, try the trial version that combines the wind movie.
This is about 3 minutes playing time.


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