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16-01-2022, 06:19

Alice in the Land of Dreams ~ Ryona Escape Game / 夢獄の国のアリス ~リョナ脱出ゲーム~

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Alice in the Land of Dreams ~ Ryona Escape Game / 夢獄の国のアリス ~リョナ脱出ゲーム~
Original title:夢獄の国のアリス ~リョナ脱出ゲーム~
Release date:2022/01/15
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Alice woke up in a strange place.
Alice explores the eerie mansion in search of her lost sister.
Break through the gimmicks and sealed rooms with items, find your missing sister, and aim to escape from the nightmare world.

A helpless girl has no way to protect herself from cruel traps and monsters.
The brutal gimmick kills him mercilessly, and the attacking monster commits Alice.
But no matter how many times he dies, the nightmare will not miss Alice!

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