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9-02-2022, 17:12

Magical girl black kitty v.1.06 / 魔法少女ブラックキティ

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Magical girl black kitty v.1.06 / 魔法少女ブラックキティ



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[Magical Girl Black Kitty] A dark heroine fantasy RPG game that unfolds in a city of the near future where desires swirl is completed here !!
[Noah Nagamihara], who has landed in Japan for the first time in a long time, was a magical girl who fights against the [Evil Secret Society Circus].
Looking down at the jet-black city that stretches forever, he discovers the target with his sharp eyes and descends to the ground.
A dark purple suit that is as glossy as a black cat and shines in the darkness of the night draws a smooth curve on the girl's body.
The sharpness of the claws that were swung down easily cut through the secret society circus swordsman [Ribidol].
The organization, which seeks to rule the world behind the scenes with the power of desire, controls people with fear, kills hope, and grows on desire.
"This city is ... important to me too!"
Noah's words were looking straight at the reason for her fight.
The city where I once lived is about to be overrun with my desires.
The girl runs, and there must still be many people in the city under threat of evil.
His eyes, like clear obsidian, smolder the light of hope and thrust the claws of justice into the evil desire [libido].
[Magical Girl Black Kitty]
This city doesn't know this name yet ...
This story is a dark fantasy in which little magical girls, commonly known as [girls], illuminate the light of justice and hope at the bottom of the darkness swirling with desire.


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