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9-03-2022, 12:02

Makimura Hazuki no Koigatari / 槇村葉月の恋語り

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Makimura Hazuki no Koigatari / 槇村葉月の恋語り


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The protagonist Kayabuki Akira is troubled by the fact that he has no dreams.

After an unfortunate accident in which his apartment was trapped under a fallen tree, he was forced to leave where he was living and was introduced to a rundown apartment called "Shoufuku-sou" with a rent of 20,000 yen as a temporary residence. However, his misfortune is far from over.

On the night he moves into the apartment, the wall connecting his room to his neighbor collapses due to a noise problem he caused. Until repairs are completed, he is forced to live with his neighbor, Makimura Hazuki.

At first, they are confused by the unfamiliarity of living together (and with the opposite sex), but as they get to know each other, they lose their reservations and gradually grow closer.

One day, he is asked to help Hazuki with her hobby of making movies. The wheels of his lost youth slowly and quietly begin to turn.


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