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Netra Sekojirase / ネトラセコジラセ

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Netra Sekojirase / ネトラセコジラセ



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It is a digital novel work of a school thing with dot animation that develops on a screen that is all expressed in dot pictures in an RPG style.
* This work is not an RPG.

While the hero who was able to do her for the first time is doing something like boasting to the Kimoota trio of the same "manga club", she gradually falls asleep and awakens to her propensity.

It will be a work that specializes in the themes of "Kimo Otoko" and "Let's fall asleep". Although it is a rough pixel art, please be careful if you are not good at it because the man is clearly depicted.

Basically, everything is drawn from the perspective of the male hero, but there are only a few scenes from her perspective.

There are no game elements such as branching and choices. It's a digital novel that just reads the scenario of a straight road.

The total play time is about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

There is a recollection mode and a mode where you can watch only dot animation.


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