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3-05-2022, 10:26

Ide-so-Runaway daughter and harem sexual activity- / いえで荘~家出娘とハーレム性活~

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Ide-so-Runaway daughter and harem sexual activity- / いえで荘~家出娘とハーレム性活~
Original title:いえで荘~家出娘とハーレム性活~
Release date:2022/04/30
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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The protagonist, who was poor because he couldn't stop his customs, won the first prize in the lottery one day.
The hero who suddenly got a lot of money will build an apartment to fulfill her dream of a young girl and Yar, and let her runaway daughter live there to do naughty things and build a harem I thought.

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