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4-10-2022, 12:46

Emo-chan Channel – H Daily Life Of A Beautiful Girl Tuber

Japanese Games
Emo-chan Channel – H Daily Life Of A Beautiful Girl Tuber
Release date:2022/09/23
License:Pirate (unofficial)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Emo, a popular MeTuber on the video distribution site “MeTube,” has been delivering games today.
She goes to bed in the morning and wakes up in the evening, but once in a while, she makes a promise to play with her friends… and gets stood up.
–She sometimes goes to bed in the morning and wakes up in the evening to play with her friends, only to be stood up.
But she is not discouraged, and wanders around town without a disguise.

She was like, “Hey, isn’t that Emo-chan by any chance?
I’ll definitely pick you up! I’m going to pick you up and fuck you!”

But a slutty MeTuber who happens to be filming in the city spots them.
She was tricked, taken back to a hotel, stripped, and even had her virginity taken from her.
To make matters worse, he even filmed her and used it as a threat to get her to meet up with him again.

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