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18-10-2022, 18:00

Puppeteer’s Dream and Awakening v.1.3 / 人形使いの夢と目覚め

Japanese Games
Puppeteer’s Dream and Awakening v.1.3 / 人形使いの夢と目覚め
Original title:人形使いの夢と目覚め
Release date:2022/10/01
License:Pirate (unofficial)
Platform:PC / Windows

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There is an organization that eliminates the “night demons” that stir in the background of today’s developed society, and which can do great harm to people.
The main character, Yuki, belongs to this organization and is active as an ace in defeating the night demons with overwhelming power using a doll controlled by magic power.

Then, an anomalous phenomenon occurs in which people are controlled by strange dreams.
People began to act as if they were being controlled by the dreams they had seen, and the number of night demons that appeared increased along with it.

Yuki, who believes that this is the work of night demons that dwell in dreams and manipulate dreams, investigates the strange events that occur in the town, and then enters the dreams…

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