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Utsusemi Communication v.1.07 / 空蝉コミュニクション

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Utsusemi Communication v.1.07 / 空蝉コミュニクション
Original title:空蝉コミュニクション
Release date:2022/09/30
License:Pirate (unofficial)
Platform:PC / Windows

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In this game, you can have sexual relations with not only girls but also teachers, matrons, married women, priestesses, and other women in the same school.
Enjoy your own harem life.

What kind of sex is there?

You can have sex with girls who go to the same school at …… in the classroom after school.
In the gym warehouse, where no one comes. ……
Sneak off with a girl while she’s asleep. ……
Lustily while drunk. ……
Witnessing you in the middle of masturbation. ……
As a reward for helping out. ……

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