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15-01-2023, 16:28

Rinko Kageyama's Endless Summer v.1.3 / 八重頭異聞奇譚 -影山倫子の終わらない夏-

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Rinko Kageyama's Endless Summer v.1.3 / 八重頭異聞奇譚 -影山倫子の終わらない夏-
Original title:八重頭異聞奇譚 -影山倫子の終わらない夏-
Release date:2023/01/10
Censorship:Partially Present
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Due to certain circumstances, the teacher returned to her hometown of Yaezujima.
Rinko Kageyama, 24 years old (huge breasts)
This is an ADVRPG type event quest in which you control her and spend the summer on the island of Yaegashira.
It's free from August 1 to 31.
Get to know different people and events.
Why she's back.
What is the Haramiko Festival that you are asked to participate in on the 31st?
How do you get out of a recurring summer?
While fucking a transcendent debauched body
Unlock the mysteries of Yaegashira Island!

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