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6-02-2023, 04:39

Cradle Epic - Warrior Princess Arena / Cradle Epic―姫騎士の闘技場

Japanese Games


Cradle Epic - Warrior Princess Arena / Cradle Epic―姫騎士の闘技場



Original title

Cradle Epic―姫騎士の闘技場

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Pirate (unofficial)




PC / Windows

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Since the Women's Rights Revolution thousands of years ago, the entire Lullaby Continent has been ruled by the power of the Three Princess Knights based on the power of women.

Although there are tensions between the three major powers from time to time, overall there is good competition and a trend towards common development.

However, in the 340th year of the lullaby calendar, the tranquility of the cradle was disturbed by a foreign force from the north. This was the emergence of the Witch Church.

The Church of Foreign Witches has made a full-scale invasion of the Cradle. Witches and princess knights have been at war for 200 years. Both sides have invested huge amounts of military power and once became enemies for several generations.

After 526 years of the cradle's history, another powerful force has landed here. The witches' nemesis, Daimajin, who also came from the demon world, and her army pursued them. The cruel genie attacks witches and princess knights indiscriminately in an attempt to destroy the cradle. The entire cradle was in danger of destruction.

Against a common enemy, the witches and princess knights, who are longtime enemies, are forced to form an alliance and work together to counter the Daimajin's invasion. The Allied Forces engaged in a tragic decisive battle with the Demon Army and suffered huge losses.

The war was over. The indigenous inhabitants of the continent and the demons thirsting for freedom won the victory. But the war never ended forever. However, this time the format was slightly different.

They concluded a "military" treaty in which both sides of the war were fully protected. The loser was then taken prisoner and subjected to various punishments, and he had to either wait for the next exchange of prisoners or escape on his own. In addition, the two sides will jointly establish an arbitration mechanism for oversight so that there is no action that goes beyond the scope of the agreement.

Both sides always enjoyed giving the losers a tasteless drill, so the big game became known as a mock war.


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