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Best Hentai Games » Japanese Games » Dramon Quest -Evolution Formula and Scapegoat Princesses- / ドラモンクエスト~進化の秘法と生贄の姫たち~
17-02-2023, 16:12

Dramon Quest -Evolution Formula and Scapegoat Princesses- / ドラモンクエスト~進化の秘法と生贄の姫たち~

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Dramon Quest -Evolution Formula and Scapegoat Princesses- / ドラモンクエスト~進化の秘法と生贄の姫たち~



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Monster raising and territory invasion RPG!
Loads of popular heroines appear!
Plus more characters!?

You are a runaway evolutionary scientist under rule of the demon king.
Let's create newly mutated monsters and wreak chaos!

White-hot batles between heroines and raised monsters!
Snatch victory and expose tomboy Alena, violate Moonbrook and her soldiers, unleash the egg-laying tentacles on "that character," etc.

All you can eat buffet of tantalizing triumph!

Fake hero!? That thief sneaks into Rikka's inn!?
The elf of the woodcutter's village!? etc.



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