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7-04-2023, 12:27

Bounty Hunter Kyouka v.1.01 / バウンティハンター キョウカ

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Bounty Hunter Kyouka v.1.01 / バウンティハンター キョウカ



Original title

バウンティハンター キョウカ

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PC / Windows

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bounty hunter
■ In order to repay the debt owed for a friend,
Kyouka, a bounty hunter, catches a bounty head.

■ The basic system is a classic RPG
There is a number of days, and it is cleared by repaying the debt in full within the due date.

■ It takes about 3-4 hours to clear

■ 34 base CGs and more than 40 H scenes.
The number of illustrations is about 450.

■ If you use the save data from the trial version to the product version,
Please refrain from diversion to the product version as it may cause bugs.

■ Situation
Netorare, oho voice, belly bloat, anal, tentacles, etc.


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