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17-04-2023, 13:03

NTR.CASE02 -Indecent Flower, Saku- / NTR.CASE02 -淫花、咲ク-

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NTR.CASE02 -Indecent Flower, Saku- / NTR.CASE02 -淫花、咲ク-



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NTR.CASE02 -淫花、咲ク-

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Childhood Friend Gets Cuckold Without Knowing
Ryota and Azuki have lived next door since childhood and have been close friends.
As they grew up, they had a dream.

Become the best in Japan in kendo.

Ryota devotes himself to kendo every day.
Azuki casually supports Ryota.

A man appears in front of these two students.

That man, Kuroganerohito, was killed without Ryota noticing.
He approaches Azuki, and then...


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