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Sukima jikan ni seigi no o shigoto / 隙間時間に正義のお仕事

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Sukima jikan ni seigi no o shigoto / 隙間時間に正義のお仕事



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The "Release Lovers" is a secret organization of justice that has been established unnoticed to eradicate evil organizations.

Two fighters, "Love Pink" and "Love Blue", who have just been recruited by the organization, wear combat suits developed by Dr. H, a genius researcher, and use their powerful mysterious "Love Me Power" to defeat the evil deeds of the evil organization "Harem".

The two female combatants are actually ordinary housewives:
Kaori Sakurai, aka "Love Pink", Minami Aoyama, aka "Love Blue"

While enjoying a smooth sailing life with their loving husbands, the two were doing justice work as combatants for the Release Lovers without telling their husbands.
One day, however, their daily life changes drastically...


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