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17-05-2023, 13:49

Apprentice Moby and the Island of Windsong / 見習い魔術士のモビィは冒険者

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Apprentice Moby and the Island of Windsong / 見習い魔術士のモビィは冒険者



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Moby, an apprentice magician, is a girl who is traveling to Ildernaja, a city with an adventurer’s guild, to become an adventurer.

One day, there are only a few days left until Ildernaja. Moby hears a rumor of a strange phenomenon on the island of Caundry, which is known as a port waiting for the wind.
It is called the “Great Calm,” and it is said that for five days out of the year, the wind stops blowing on the island.


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