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Japanese Games
Release date:2013/10/23
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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The fight by manipulating the woman swordsman Elise, high-speed side-scrolling action.
Rather than the game
Also, interesting as a game, we were made with the aim of those full-fledged.
Erotic scenes and classic game over CG of, prepare the game in the animation.
CG and animation has become to be seen if clearing the stage,
For the scene recovery, you do not need to repeat the defeat work.
In addition, easy to want to see only erotic, the game is weak, for anyone who wants,
Available in clear data to open all of the CG and animation.
It's not good, still want to do it yourself! The EASY mode is for anyone who wants.
Conversely, a strong man with his arms, rather than changes in the simplistic parameters,
Enemy placement and of the movement of the boss will change, I've prepared a HARD mode that is rewarding that the difference CG seen!
In the gallery mode, CG, of course, game animation, offers a large size version.
Those who can be interested in, after confirming the operation in the trial version, please try to take all means at hand.

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