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12-06-2023, 14:56

SMOLDERING / 最愛の剣士が恋焦がれたモノ

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SMOLDERING / 最愛の剣士が恋焦がれたモノ



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Roserium Kingdom. Knight Tale-low is living the carefree life of leading a martial arts dojo and is about to become engaged to Val's red-haired childhood friend.
Before that happens, however, Val asks, "Are you sure you want to marry me without ever beating me?"
Realizing that in the future, once they become a family, fighting to the fullest will no longer be possible. Tale decides to give his love a fight before marrying her.
However, due to some circumstances, Val changes the terms by adding a little clause, "If you don't defeat me soon... ...I'm going to make horns at you..."


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