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15-02-2024, 14:48

Bakunyu Erufu waNTR Nai / 爆乳エルフはNTRない

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Bakunyu Erufu waNTR Nai / 爆乳エルフはNTRない



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Type of publication:Pirate (unofficial)




PC / Windows

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Bakunyu Erufu waNTR Nai / 爆乳エルフはNTRない

NTR erotic doujin RPG in which a blonde, busty elf seeks semen to break a curse!
The title of the game is as follows!

A blonde, busty, misanthropic elf is sexually harassed by men all over town in order to break the curse placed on her by her husband.
She is sexually harassed by men all over town and earns money by performing erotic services for them.
She is sexually harassed by the men in the city, earns money for her erotic services, and has NTR sex for the semen of the man who is the curse-breaker!

Sub-events, sexual harassment and prostitution by men in the city.
The main event, sexual harassment and prostitution by the men of the city, and the main scene, the vile trap of the interloper.
This is a step-by-step RPG with sub and main scenes.

She is tricked into believing that she needs "semen" to break the spell.
Handjobs, pizzazz, and cumshot sex. ......!



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