This is an action games that contains a special turn based system. This is our first game. Bandits, animals, monsters... Find a way home in this dangerous, cursed space. If lost in battle, Estella can level up using the "Succubus Power" gained...
13-11-2021, 13:42
Twinte Chan v.1.04 / 乳クリ学校生活
Japanese Games
1 298
A game in which you decide 100 days after Twinte-chan!...
13-11-2021, 13:36
Dark of Chroe / ダークオブクロエ
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
1 295
The temple of the penis god in the depths of the forest at the end of the world. It is a temple dedicated to Kurobikari-sama, a ridiculous god that is shaped like a penis. There seems to be a monster that will grant any wish. To break the dog's...
Prepare to Experience the Ultimate EX(Ecstasy)FPS. To protect that cute girl you like from the zombies and other horrors ravaging the streets, it's time to unleash hell! Heal with the injured heroines with sex! Unload that magnum in your pants, and...
This is a summary of the short games that have been released on ci-en. Contains 10 short and fast-ending games. Many girls get embarrassed....
7-11-2021, 14:24
Lost Life v.1.43 / 失われた生命
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
51 679
The current version contains "Missionary Sex" and "Blowjob" scenes. Play in vault repopulation guide....
The main character is "Bochama", a child of the mansion. Bochama lives with maids. Bochama had a problem. It means that the maids are too erotic. Reissue who often falls and shows pants Karina who presses her chest unconsciously Michele whispering...
3-11-2021, 15:58
The Demon Lord's Treasure v.1.01 / 魔王の秘宝
Japanese Games
Take the reigns of the Demon Lord. Manage and protect your territory, raise a variety of monsters to fight for you, captured heroines of legend, and turn them into monster breeding beds for future generations. Use the prospect of treasure to lure in...
3-11-2021, 15:54
Princess Synergy v.0.281 / プリンセスシナジー
Japanese Games
3 275
In this release (0.18) there are no sex scenes, and some of the art (CG) are made in the form of a sketch / sketch so far, nevertheless, this project is very ambitious and requires detailed attention. In the future, it will be a very interesting...
1-11-2021, 12:51
Hero treasure v.1.01 / 魔王の秘宝
Japanese Games
Manage your territory as a monster aristocrat of the Demon King camp. Raise more monsters, catch legendary heroes, and use them as nurseries for the prosperity of your descendants. Attract heroes with treasure, set up traps and monsters, and catch...