23-03-2021, 16:03
Magical Angel Fairy Heart 2.4
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
2 387
A new game is under development. The story is about the heroine that protects the city from the unidentified group that invaded the earth....
Anette the magical detective braves the Labyrinth of the Wolfling to try and find her missing brother. The erotic sleuth-search RPG! STORY The Labyrinth of the Wolfling... It's a place of dangerous monsters, half human, half beast. It took the life...
23-03-2021, 15:32
Gran Ende II v.1.04 / グランエンデII
Japanese Games
In the middle of his journey, the protagonist arrives in a small village. When he gets into the forest of Elves to collect mushrooms in order to earn his travel expenses, his kismet shows a sign of change. With an Elven girl, by name of Juno...
21-03-2021, 08:17
Prison Princess
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
1 638
Prison Princess is a mixture of an adventure puzzle with a bit of eroticism and two charming girls. In addition to the main character in the game will be Princess Aris and Xena. The main character is a spirit whose body was destroyed in battle, and...
21-03-2021, 08:16
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
1 656
Known only as "Ninja", these mysterious mercenaries have worked in the shadows of history from ages past. Dealing in espionage, secrect plots and assassination, the ninja brought prosperity to Daimyo and Fuedal lords from the shadows. Present day—...
Lychee is an unfortunate succubus who failed to enter into a human's dream, and instead ended up in the world of humans. Her fellow succubus always called her things like "uggo" and "sex amateur", so her confidence is in the dumps. But as some...
An anthology of Pregnant Angel episodes 1 - 5. Also contains a new animation and a bonus story! All loose ends will be tied, all secrets will be revealed... Noriko and her friends at the Angela Cafe transform into heroes to fight a mysterious...
Nomu-chan lives for the thrill of walking naked in the streets at night! A simple exhibition action game. Guide her into ecchi situations....
19-03-2021, 14:33
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
1 424
"The creatures of the demon world known as ""succubus"" use a male's sexual energy, his ""technoforce"" as their nourishment. One day, one such succubus known as ""Lovelia"" appears suddenly before the main character to steal the power of his lust,...
When I woke up one day with the fallen devil "Raichi" who couldn't get into human dreams, it was the real world where humans lived ... Raichi's self-evaluation is at the bottom, as his friends continue to say "busy" and "bad sex". However, she was...