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13-06-2021, 13:04

House Ghost SweeperGun v.1.3 / ゴーストハウス・ガンスイーパー

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
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House Ghost SweeperGun v.1.3 / ゴーストハウス・ガンスイーパー



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House Ghost SweeperGun v.1.3 / ゴーストハウス・ガンスイーパー

Ghost you've been confined to the house that erotic ghost we rooted Exterminator (ghost extermination shop).
While getting rid of ghost, and interpretation of the abominable mystery, it is a role-playing game to escape from the mansion.

It is able to damage the ghost special material of bullet "Heather bullets alias spell bullets" "semen".
Drink of material to help the recovery of physical strength also "semen".

The item of material "semen" should be collected while fighting a ghost.
Also, instead of being fucked if defeated, you can collect the "semen" from most of the ghost.


26 October 2021 15:29

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