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1-03-2022, 11:50

Fatina v.1.12 / 淫魔迷宮録ファティナ

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
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Fatina v.1.12 / 淫魔迷宮録ファティナ



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Fatina hero that was Tsurekoma monster wandering, the vast labyrinth
She does not have the magical power of only fight with the enemy
Drinking a mysterious drug gave me "self-proclaimed" great witch, from Lilith
Although it was ...... supposed to be full-fledged witch
A side effect of the drug, enough to use it if I use the magic
It has become a constitution to become the mood H!
Every time you fight the enemy, while comfort alone H body aching
And monsters lurking in the maze, I will try to catch myself
The bypass your Knights, Aim the exit of the maze!



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