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20-03-2023, 21:37

Sakura's Chapter / 所长欲望症-樱之章

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
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Sakura's Chapter / 所长欲望症-樱之章



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This is an ultimate NTR FGO homage RPG made by the national (Asagami Fuji).
Whether you are interested in FGO or not, the NTR degree of this game is so powerful that people can not resist.
The main man belongs to the super Saiyan green level sufferer, a variety of phone NTR, hidden annihilation NTR more to unparalleled!
The game official Chinese production, CV voice, all H scenes are full dynamic, black silk elements are particularly much ~
In general, is a minotaur elements to the extreme towards the powerful game, strongly recommended!



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