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18-10-2023, 14:44

Netoraseki Roku -Shirosaki Junkoi- v.1.20 / ネトラセキロク -白咲純恋-

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
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Netoraseki Roku -Shirosaki Junkoi- v.1.20 / ネトラセキロク -白咲純恋-



Original title

ネトラセキロク -白咲純恋-

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PC / Windows

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We decided to "cuckold" in order to have sex...
The main character, who came from the countryside to go to school, and her childhood friend, Sumire Shirasaki.
The main character confessed to Junko on the day of her acceptance announcement, and the two had already been dating for a while, but they hadn't even kissed yet...

Junren is even more ignorant of the world, even though she was raised in the countryside.
That's why even if the main character asks for a kiss, she can't take the first step because she thinks that pure love might dislike her...



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