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25-09-2023, 12:49

Sonogo, Yuusha no Sugata o Mita Mono wa Inai v.1.1.3 / その後、勇者の姿を見た者はいない

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
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Sonogo, Yuusha no Sugata o Mita Mono wa Inai v.1.1.3 / その後、勇者の姿を見た者はいない



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Immediately after the overthrow of the Demon King, the hero Aster is transformed into a girl by an unknown magic.
Aster loses his heroic powers, but realizes that it is useless in a world that is beginning to recover peacefully.

Aster starts a new job and fully enjoys his second life.
Until he encounters a new problem. The "real demons" that were supposed to disappear after the overthrow of the King appear in various places....

This is just the beginning of an epic story that transcends time and shakes the fate of the planet.



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