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2-10-2023, 14:57

Would you like to have sex with my girlfriend? / 僕の彼女とヤッてみる?

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
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Would you like to have sex with my girlfriend? / 僕の彼女とヤッてみる?



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Would you like to have sex with my girlfriend? / 僕の彼女とヤッてみる?

Tonight we'll have her in friends
Autumn age ( Asakita )
A beautiful and hard-working girlfriend Miyama ( Everyone )
I want to see what I have in other guys !!
I couldn't control the shallow recessions.
After consulting with a childhood friend Harun ( Haruki )
Harun I've been scared
Haru Is it okay for Miyama-chan?
Autumn age Oh. Ask
Harun Seriously? Gachi?
Autumn age I'm always a gusset
Harun You... I'm still squid...
Anyway, the two idiots、
After dinner for three... with that hand!
I was struggling to get her to its

Real-time NTR based SLG
( Time passes by without doing anything )、
A game where you can get her to 「 its qi( Muramura)」 by clicking on the screen or on the command.
The commands are conversation ( lower neta ), intoxicating, using items and various.
There is also an important item ( gimmick ) on the screen、
Affects her by using it with a timely awareness.
If you are demented without doing anything、
She'll be in the game in no time to sleep or go home!
Let her care about it by the morning and get her friend's cock cut out many times!



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